Our Story.


Who is CIAMBI?

Well CIAMBI is just the silly brand name I came up with when trying to mash together a couple words. I'm also Italian so I wanted something that would reflect my heritage and hopefully the kind of luxury European experience you get with our change bags. 

CIAMBI translates to: 

  • Ciao Bimbi (hello children)
  • Ciao Bambino (hello baby) 
  • Ciao Bambi
  • Change Bag 

CIAMBI is also a representation of our family. Above in that photograph is me (Georgia), Giulietta and Ben. 

I created CIAMBI in 2018 after I couldn't find a change bag which I really fell in love with. I have always loved fashion and being able to create my own things. When I was a kid I was constantly coming up with new business ventures and throwing concerts because I loved creating things. Flash-forward to adulthood and I still do. In fact the two things I created (Giulietta and CIAMBI haha) make me so darn proud!


So here we are, 2018, my first baby and my first business. Yes CIAMBI is a brand, but it's also very much not. 

CIAMBI is every mama out there who dared to be a little different.

CIAMBI is every mama who didn't want to sacrifice their style or uniqueness just because they had a baby.

CIAMBI is every mama who wanted to feel some kind of luxury even though they just walked out the door with a bit of spit up still on their shirt because they ran out of time to change.

So if you're on this site right now, thank you so much for visiting and I hope you find something that you absolutely fall in love with. Because you deserve it. 


And because I'm here for you I thought it'd be nice if you knew a little bit about me, so here are 5 fun facts about me (Georgia, Creative Director & Founder of CIAMBI):


  1. I live in Sydney Australia with my daughter, Giulietta and partner Ben in the same suburb we both grew up in. 

  2. I absolutely love the show Grey's Anatomy. My poor partner can't sit through a single episode but I reckon I could finish a whole season in one day. 

  3. I volunteer for a group called The Orangutan Project. Did you know that 25 Orangutans die each day due to deforestation? That's why you might find me at my local markets helping to raise funds for the Orangutans, saving their homes and getting them rehabilitated. 

  4. Before studying PR at University, I was actually studying journalism, and prior to that fashion design. So I'd like to think of CIAMBI as a mix of everything I tried out at University. 

  5. My mum used to call me the 'handbag queen' because I'd have a whole closet space dedicated to handbags (and I still do). Now these are all change bags and I love it!