Nappy Bag Essentials


Did you know that for most new mums it takes them until 4 months to feel totally confident in going out? We think that if you know what to pack in your nappy bag heading out to the store, you will feel ten times more confident.


Here is a list of what we think are nappy bag essentials:


  1. Nappies (well duh!): This one seems kind of obvious but make sure you pack a whole heap. You certainly don’t want to be out in public and your bub has just weed all over the brand new clean one and you’ve got none left (oops, I might be guilty of that one).


  1. Wipes: Yep another obvious one. But did you know that you could buy in bulk and put them in one of our amazing reusable wipes cases? That’ll save you realizing later that you don’t have anything to put them in.



  1. Change Mat: It’s a fact of life that when your baby’s gotta go, they’ve really got to go. That’s why most of our bags come with a change mat included, and if it doesn’t we have amazing ones here which hold your wipes and nappies.


  1. Stroller straps: Don’t make the mistake of buying a nappy bag without some kind of nappy pram clips. They make it so much easier when the basket under your pram is full and your shoulder is getting tired of all that weight. Our luxury vegan leather collection has them included, but if you’ve bought a bag that doesn’t have them we’ve got some here.


  1. A change of clothes! You never know when a blow-out is going to happen so I’d say this is one of those things you just have to do. Even if you just buy a onesie that you know is a dedicated nappy bag spare clothes item, you’ll be covered for all those ‘oopsie’ moments.


  1. Toys for your bub: If your bub is little and you’re on that pacifier game, you can’t go wrong with a toy like these ones from Riff Raff, which allow you to clip the pacifier on. You could also consider books or rattles (e.g. your car keys).


  1. Your own stuff: Here at CIAMBI we believe all mamas should be able to use the same bag for nappy changes and for themselves, that’s why they’re all made with design in mind. Pack your phone, your wallet, your keys, your laptop and fit it all into one of our bags. Shop our favourites now!


Got anymore nappy bag essentials that we’ve missed? Find us on Instagram @ciambiofficial and let us know what you pack in your CIAMBI bags!


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