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Iknow that as a new mum it was often hard to find bloggers that I felt like I could relate to, or just in general wanted to read for advice. So I have gone ahead and compiled a (work in progress) list of my personal favourite ‘mum’ blogs. All of the below are blogs which offer great advice that can make everything just that little bit less overwhelming, especially when just learning how to breastfeed and getting used to your new baby.

Here are my top 5:

Scary Mommy 

While ‘Scary Mommy’ is a blog based in the U.S, it has probably the most fun and relatable pieces of writing you will read. Started by Jill Smolker has her own personal mummy blog it has now evolved into one of the biggest online mommy sites offering advice and information about pregnancy, motherhood and everything in between.


Mel Watts

I stumbled across Mel through Instagram before I was pregnant when she was known as ‘The Modern Mumma’ but didn’t take note of her blog until I fell pregnant and was looking for some relatable advice and someone who was just kinda real about the whole ‘mum’ thing. Her last post about her choice to exclusively formula-feed provides some valuable advice I think all new mums need to read.


Adriel Booker

This blog is probably more of the more powerful and motivational blogs you will read, with authentic writing you can’t stay away from. This blog is tailored to specific topics such as women’s issues, parenting, maternal information, theology, current affairs and more. Would highly recommend you read one of her posts titled: ‘Breastfeeding is a big deal’, which encapsulates one aspect we’re trying to achieve with this campaign. She also offers great tips about for breastfeeding as well.


Bambi and Baby

Another blog I found through Instagram, Elizabeth writes down her thoughts and experiences about being a single mum so eloquently. I don’t think you have to be a single mum to relate to her posts either – her post on self-love is a great read too. She has gone back to edit a few of her posts about a year later with updated thoughts about each topic and where she is at with her life which I feel like is something we all need to do with our own lives offline as well.


Not So Mumsy

Marcia Leone started her blog as an online space that spoke to who she was as a new mum, as there was a huge gap between the fashion blogs that she followed pre-motherhood and the mummy blogs all about pureed banana. “I wanted to create something in between for the woman who has embraced motherhood but retained her sense of self and style.” Along with her Instagram, Marcia keeps motherhood pretty real but in a way that allows you to feel empowered to be both a mum and your own person.

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