Baby Bag Checklist


Having a baby is such an exciting time! Until you remember you still haven’t packed the baby bag. That’s why we’ve compiled a baby bag checklist of all the essentials to bring with you into the hospital.


Baby Bag


6-8 Onesies – Depending on how long you’ll stay in hospital, which is usually 3-4 days, we recommend packing about 6-8 onesies. Pack a mix of newborn (0000) and 0-3 Months (000). If you know your bub is a bit smaller or a bit bigger, pack accordingly.


4 Beanies – Babies get cold! Pack about 4 beanies for your little bub.


4 Singlets – Pack about 4 singlets in size 0-3 months (000). Even if it’s not winter, hospitals are pretty cold so you’ll want an extra layer for bub.


1 Blanket – Hospitals tend to get pretty cold so now you definitely have a reason to bring one of those knitted blankets from your relatives to the hospital with you.


2 Swaddles – Swaddles are one of the best inventions ever. They warm up your baby and they also wipe up everything from milk, to your tears when you remember how cute your new bub is. We recommend a couple of muslin swaddles.


15 or so nappies – You’re going to need quite a few nappies, because babies poo A LOT. Also don’t make the same mistake me and my husband made by putting it on the wrong way. We only realised in the baby bathing demonstrations that we had put it on backwards! Whoops.


Pack of Wipes – Because you’re going to be changing so many nappies you will definitely need some wipes to go along with them. We recommend Water Wipes for bub’s sensitive skin, but we also reckon you should pick up one of our wipes cases here.


Change Mat – All of our bags come with a change mat included so you won’t have to worry there. Pop it down in your baby’s bassinet and get ready to change your first nappy!


Mini baby shampoo, body wash and moisturiser – You’ll have the opportunity to bathe your bub in the hospital and what better way to learn how to do it than with midwives right outside in case you need help.


Cotton wool - You can use cotton wool to clean your delicate baby's skin


1 Going Home Outfit – Let’s be real, your bub needs to be super cute on his or her way home from the hospital, and for all the pics you’re going to be taking. Pack a little pair of leggings and a top, with matching beanie and booties to boot.


Mittens and boots (Optional) – We didn’t use any mittens or boots in the hospital except for Giulietta’s going home outfit. They tend to just fall off. People love mittens on babies because it stops them from clawing their faces but we loved using our onesies with mitts attached so we didn’t have to worry about packing any.


Did we forget anything else? Let us know on Instagram @ciambiofficial.

Be sure to check out our Mama Hospital Bag Checklist coming soon.



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